Anker Expands Into Home Energy Solutions With Launch of Anker Solix BrandAnker

New Line of Modular, Solar Battery Storage Systems Unveiled at Intersolar 2023 in Germany

Building on its heritage in battery storage and power delivery, Anker unveiled plans today to enter the home energy market. As a part of this, the company launched a new brand – Anker Solix – which will focus on helping consumers achieve energy independence. The new Anker Solix brand includes a line of solar balcony solutions designed for apartments and modular solar battery storage systems for the home. Additionally, Anker’s popular portfolio of portable power stations (formerly known as PowerHouse) will now be part of Anker Solix.

“More consumers than ever are turning to solar energy to power their homes because of rising energy costs, increasing concerns about power supply reliability and a growing desire for sustainable solutions,” said Steven Yang, CEO, Anker. “Consumers need a way to store the energy generated through solar power to become truly energy independent. With Anker Solix, we will leverage our deep expertise in battery storage and power delivery, allowing everyone from homeowners to apartment residents and even campers to store and manage all their energy needs more effectively.”

Anker Solix focuses on unique power solutions to support consumers’ energy needs worldwide and will include both portable and fixed energy solutions. The new product lines will include:

  • Home Energy Solutions – Solar balcony systems, solar battery storage solutions, EV car chargers and more
  • Flex Series – Portable power solutions for home backup, camping and recreational vehicles (RVs) with high-power needs
  • Camping Series – Ultra-portable power options for outdoor adventures

Home Energy Solutions Increase Energy Independence, Resilience and Security

Earlier this year, Anker introduced the Anker Solix Balcony Solution for the European market. This plug-in-play system includes two solar panels and an inverter that can be plugged directly into any available power socket, instantly sending energy back to the grid while reducing the consumer’s energy bill. Today, Anker Solix unveiled its line of home energy solutions to include several solutions for the home and apartment. This includes three new products:

Anker Solix Solarbank E1600: This balcony power storage system will be available in Europe and is compatible with 99% of the balcony PV products on the market. It features a capacity of 1.6 kWh, IP65 water and dust resistance for enhanced durability, and a simple 5-minute D.I.Y installation. The Solarbank will be the world’s longest-lasting solar balcony power storage solution, leveraging LFP battery technology capable of supporting 6,000 charging cycles — double the industry average. It also includes smart app control that can connect to the device through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for personalized power control.

Anker Solix F1200 Portable Power Station Bundle with RS40/RS40P: Designed for the European market, this bundle combines the Anker Solix Balcony Solution with a portable power station. The addition of the portable power station helps consumers maximize savings on their electricity by customizing peak/off-peak hour usage and relieving blackout worries. It also features cloud-based intelligence monitoring to give consumers real-time visibility into power generation and consumption, and easy plugand-play installation.

Anker Solix All-in-One Energy Storage Solution: Anker also unveiled plans to launch a series of solar battery wall solutions designed to bring back-up power to existing solar installations and new installations. These modular battery solutions will be scalable from 5 kWh to 180 kWh (1) and designed to provide high levels of safety and durability, seamlessly transfer to off-grid power, and be compatible with home energy equipment such as heat pumps, oil- and gas-powered generators, Anker Solix’s forthcoming EV charging solution, and more. Additional details will be available later this year, and the solution will be available globally in 2024.

Anker Solix Expands Portable Power Line

Anker’s popular line of portable power stations will be expanded under the new Anker Solix brand – bringing a wider assortment of portable power options to consumers all around the world. This includes:

Flex Series – Provides Power at Home and On-the-Road

The Anker Solix Flex Series is designed to provide home backup power and can also be used in RVs and camper vans. Flex Series products provide over 1 kWh of power. For example, this series includes the Anker Solix F2000 (formerly Anker PowerHouse 767), the company’s most powerful portable power station with its largest battery to date.

The solutions are ideal not only for campers, but also for U.S. apartment residents and home renters who cannot install a full solar solution, but still want peace of mind when the power goes out. With a higher output, portable power stations can charge larger appliances, such as a full-sized refrigerator, lights, fans and much more.

Camping Series – Keeps Essentials Powered from Anywhere

Anker Camping Series is Anker’s most portable line of power solutions, perfect for shorter outdoor adventures, backyard movie nights and more. The Camping Series products will focus on solutions under 1 kWh of power, enough to charge smartphones, tablets, camping lights, cameras, and drone batteries.

Learn More about Anker Solix

Anker Solix was unveiled tonight at the company’s RE[Charge] event in New York. A replay of the event and new product introductions can be streamed at

Additionally, select Anker Solix solutions will be on display at Intersolar Europe, held June 14-16, 2023, at the Messe Munchen Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany. Please stop by Hall C3, Stand #256 to see Anker’s solar-focused solutions for the European market.

(1) Hybrid model supports up to 6 units in parallel mode, with a maximum capacity of 180 kW

Anker Innovations 2022 ESG Report

From Steven Yang, CEO and Founder, Anker Innovations:

As a global consumer electronics company, we are creating new and innovative technologies every day to help improve people’s lives around the world. As a global business, we must also take an innovative approach toward making our products and operations more sustainable.

Our holistic approach starts at the R&D level, developing products that are more sustainable and energy efficient,

and then continues throughout the entire value chain, including manufacturing and product packaging.

 Over the last 11 years, there have been several key milestones that illustrate our strong commitment to the Environment.


    • In 2012, we began introducing biodegradable materials into product packaging.

    • In 2013, we launched our PowerIQ technology, helping us create our first universal charger, capable of supporting

    • multiple devices and multiple charging standards, and ultimately, reducing e-waste by eliminating consumers’ need

    • to purchase multiple charging accessories.

    • In 2018, we used gallium nitride (GaN) to create energy-efficient charging accessories, saving up to 7% in energy

    • consumption with every charge.

    • In 2022, we integrated GaN technology into our portable power stations, reducing energy loss by 60%, decreasing the

    • working temperature by 30% and making these products last longer and become much more energy efficient.

    • In 2022, we launched the bio-based charging cable, reducing the use of plastic in the exterior cable sheath by over

    • 40%.

    • In 2023, we stepped up our focus on sustainability, partnering with Oceana, the largest international advocate

    • for Ocean conservation. We also received our first carbon-neutral verifications from Carbon Trust for several

    • of our charging accessories. And we launched the first phase of our “Anker RE[Charge]” initiative, outlining our

    • commitment to making our charging business more sustainable.

In 2022, Anker Innovations celebrated its first decade in business. We have grown into a global company with more than 3,600 employees, selling more than 80 million products and services each year to more than 140 million loyal users.

Our Anker Innovations 2022 ESG Report outlines how we will balance efforts to continue growing our business by working to mitigate the impact our products and processes have on the environment. This includes making our products more energy efficient, reducing carbon emissions in all of our processes, eliminating plastic packaging, and finding ways to reduce electronic waste.

Anker makes charging faster, smarter and greener with its new lineup of GaNPrime™️ higher-wattage charging solutions

BELLEVUE, WA, July 25, 2022 Anker, the world’s #1 mobile charging brand (1), today unveiled its new generation of Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, GaNPrime. Combining the latest in GaN technology with Anker’s own proprietary features, GaNPrime allows for a safer, faster and more sustainable charging experience.
“GaNPrime represents a new era in charging,” said Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations. “In addition to delivering a faster and safer charging experience, our new GaNPrime chargers offer significant savings in energy consumption, reinforcing Anker’s commitment to a more sustainable future.”
GaNPrime Explained
GaN, or Gallium Nitride, is a compound found in modern satellites and radars. In 2018, Anker pioneered the application of this material in charging devices to develop smaller, lighter chargers. GaNPrime features the latest in GaN technology adding to it:
  • Green tech: Through Anker’s innovative application of GaN technology, GaNPrime chargers are smaller and consume less energy compared to silicon-based chargers (2).
  • PowerIQ™ 4.0: When charging multiple devices at once, PowerIQ 4.0 intelligently detects the power needs of each connected device, automatically adjusting power distribution to reduce overall charging time by up to 1 hour.
  • ActiveShield™ 2.0: Intelligently monitors temperature and adjusts power output to prevent overheating and safeguard connected devices. Compared to previous generations, ActiveShield 2.0 has an increased temperature detection frequency of 76%.
  • Compact Architecture Design: Featuring Anker’s proprietary mini-transformer technology, GaNPrime products are up to 53% smaller compared to silicon laptop chargers, and thanks to its increased power output, a single GaNPrime device can easily charge up to 4 or even 6 devices at the same time, depending on the charger. It is the perfect companion for those on the go.


GanPrime and USB-C Make Charging More Sustainable
The benefits of GaNPrime don’t end with device charging. Perhaps the most exciting benefit of GaNPrime is its increased power efficiency. With each charge, consumers save on average more than 7% in energy consumption compared to legacy silicon chargers. To put it in context, if everyone in the United States used the 150W GaNPrime charger for a year, we could save up to 796 million kilowatt-hours. That would be enough energy to power the entire state of Hawaii for one month.
Additionally, as one of the first consumer technology leaders to advocate for the universal adoption of USB-C, Anker is committed to designing products that are compatible with a vast range of devices. Because a single GaNPrime charger and USB-C cable can be used to power over 1,000 different mobile devices, this eliminates the need to own multiple chargers and substantially reduces the amount of e-waste created by older or proprietary device chargers.
The GaNPrime Lineup
Product Name
Max Total Output
Anker 747 Charger (GaNPrime 150W)
Anker 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W)
Anker 733 Power Bank (GaNPrime PowerCore 65W)
Anker 727 Charging Station (GaNPrime 100W)
2 USB-C 2 USB-A 2 AC
Anker 615 USB Power Strip (GaNPrime 65W)
2 USB-C 1 USB-A 2 AC
Anker 735 Charger (GaNPrime 65W)
Price and availability
  • Availability and pricing of the GaNPrime lineup is listed below. Most products will be available for purchase as of today on or, however certain products, noted below in italics, will be available later in Q3.
  • 735 Charger (65W), $59.99: Available today on both and
  • 615 Power Strip, $69.99: Available today on both and
  • 727 Charging Station, $94.99: Available today on both and
  • 737 Charger (120W), $94.99: Available today on The 737 charger will also be available for PRE-ORDER on and begin shipping in late Q3.
  • 733 Power Bank, $99.99: The 733 will also be available for PRE-ORDER on and begin shipping in late Q3.
  • 747 Charger (150W), $109.99: The 747 will be available for PRE-ORDER on and begin shipping in late Q3.
For more information, please refer to the press kit.
(1) Data source: Euromonitor International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., measured in terms of retail sales value in 2020, based on research conducted in 11-2021. Brands are defined as mobile charging brands if more than 75% of their retail sales are contributed by mobile phone charging products. Mobile phone charging products include chargers, wireless chargers, power banks, and charging cables, and these accessories can also be used for other consumer electronics devices.
(2) Based on lab tests, Anker found that the new GanPrime chargers reduced energy loss (in the AC to DC circuit), on average, by 7.2% versus traditional silicon-based chargers
About Anker
Anker is the world’s No. 1 mobile charging brand and a developer of charging technologies for the home, car, and on the go. Anker kick-started the GaN (Gallium Nitride) revolution in 2018 by introducing the first commercially available GaN-powered fast charger. Today, Anker has continued to innovate in the charging space by introducing new charging accessories for virtually all mobile devices. This includes wall plugs, solar and wireless chargers, car chargers, power banks, and high-capacity portable power stations. Find out more about Anker at
About Anker Innovations
Anker Innovations is a global leader in charging technology and a developer of unique, consumer electronic products that support premium audio, mobile entertainment, and the emerging smart home space. This innovation is being led by its six key brands: Anker, AnkerWork, eufy, Nebula, Soundcore and AnkerMake. More information on Anker Innovations and its various brands can be found at

Anker Innovations Wins Six Red Dot Awards for Outstanding Product Design

BELLEVUE, WA, April 1, 2022 — Anker Innovations, a leader in mobile charging technology and consumer electronics, announced today that it has been awarded the 2022 Red Dot Product Design award for six of its latest products under four of its consumer brands: Anker, eufy, Soundcore and Ankerwork. The Red Dot awards honor products that showcase creative and innovative design without sacrificing functionality and performance. Below is an overview of the Anker Innovations devices selected for the award.


  • Anker 655 USB-C Hub (8-in-1): This hub features a unique faux leather exterior, a braided nylon cable, and all-new Earthy White and Charcoal Gray color options. Its soft and sustainable PU material with leather texture wraps the minimalist-designed body. Packed with 8 expansion interfaces, the T-shaped connector cable saves space and reduces workspace clutter.


  • Soundcore Frames: The open-ear audio glasses by Soundcore deliver a convenient and comfortable way to enjoy music while maintaining awareness of the user’s surroundings. The audio temples are designed for a universal fit, while the interchangeable frames and standardized quick-release hinges allow the users to easily switch between frame designs depending on their style and situation.

eufy Security

  • eufy Security Video Smart Lock: The eufy Video Smart Lock integrates fingerprint entry, video surveillance, two-way communications and a doorbell into a single DIY security solution. With a 2K resolution camera, facial recognition, intuitive fingerprint unlocking, and auto-lock functionality, the eufy Video Smart Lock incorporates best-in-class technology into a sleek, industrial design that is functional, yet stylish.


  • Anker PowerConf H700: The AnkerWork PowerConf H700 represents an integrated solution for video conferencing. The headset features hybrid noise cancellation, automated meeting transcription, smart muting, and extended battery life into a lightweight, but sturdy design that users can comfortably wear all day.
  • Ankerwork B600 Video Bar: The AnkerWork PowerConf B600 is an all-in-one remote communication and collaboration video bar that is specially customized for personal workspaces. It declutters the desk space by combining four powerful functions: a high-definition conference camera, intelligent noise reduction microphone array, high-quality speakers, and built-in automated lighting. The B600 easily docks onto monitors or a tripod to make the user look and sound their very best.
  • Ankerwork PowerConf C200 & C202: The AnkerWork PowerConf C200 and C202 combine several devices into one streamlined solution for efficient and quality remote working. They seamlessly integrate a camera, speaker, and microphone into an all-in-one device that just requires one USB cable. The mic picks up and isolates vocal audio from inevitable background noises.
About Anker Innovations
Anker Innovations is a global leader in charging technology and a developer of unique, consumer electronic products that support premium audio, mobile entertainment and the emerging smart home space. This innovation is being led by its six key brands: Anker, AnkerWork, eufy, Nebula, Soundcore and now, AnkerMake. More information on Anker Innovations and its various brands can be found at
About the Red Dot Design Award
The Red Dot Design Award is one of the biggest design competitions in the world. In three disciplines, participants submit products, communication projects and brands as well as prototypes and concepts. The distinction “Red Dot” is an internationally recognised seal of excellent design. Additional information can be found at