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Our Commitment

Anker Innovations is committed to making the world a better place than we found it. We’re focused on reducing e-waste pollution by continuously developing new technologies to improve the speed, efficiency, and lifespan of our charging accessories and other electronics in a sustainable way. We’re also committed to donating our products to places where they might make an impact, leveraging our manufacturing expertise to provide emergency equipment in the face of shortages, and empowering our employees to make a positive impact in their communities.

Anker Cares: Donations Program

We leverage our technology, manufacturing prowess, and ability to ship products anywhere in the world to make a positive impact in our communities.

Solving the E-Waste Problem

Billions of charging accessories are shipped every year with new devices, representing more than 300,00 tons of e-waste annually. Proprietary charging standards by device manufacturers, devices with different power needs and a host of other issues force customers to juggle several charging accessories at once.
Anker is committed to doing its part to reduce ewaste by standardizing charging protocols. We’ve taken the first few steps by helping standardize USB-C, supporting PowerIQ and advancing GAN so that it works across all devices while reducing the size and materials needed for new chargers. We will continue to push PowerIQ as a universal standard so that our customers can buy one charger that works across all devices. A universal charging standard will reduce the need for customers to buy chargers and phone manufacturers to ship those with devices, reducing the total amount of ewaste.
We’ve also heavily invested R&D and Industrial Design to find new materials and develop new technologies that are more reliable and last longer than those in legacy devices. With this we hope to extend the life of our products ensuring that consumers can make full use of them for years to come, reducing the need to purchase new electronics every year. 

Where to Recycle?

If you are disposing of any electronic devices you purchased from us, we encourage you to drop those off at the nearest recycling center to help manage our ever-filling landfills. For help finding the nearest recycling center near your community, you can take advantage of the following resources: